Cooler Master Elite 430 Black

Good looking case with potential

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 01.09.2010
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product Group: Enclosures
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We've reviewed plenty of gaming cases and seen numerous ideas which have worked and impressed us to varying degrees. So far my personal favorite on the budget category has remained the Antec Three hundred. Now Cooler Master has designed a competitor to the 300 - The Elite 430 Black. They were also kind enough to send us a sample, so lets see what the Elite 430 has to offer.


Package & Specs


Cooler Master Elite 430 Black - Good looking case with potential

The 430 comes in a reasonably sized and very light box with product photos and details printed around the box. The case inside is padded in the usual polystyrene + plastic bag-fashion and is well protected during the shipping.

    Available Color Black
    Material Steel Body ; ABS Plastic
    Dimension (W / H / D) 190 x 424 x 490 mm / 7.5 x 16.7 x 19.3 inch
    Weight Net Weight: 4.7 kg / 10.3 lbs
    Gross weight:5.8 kg / 12.78 lbs
    M/B Type ATX/Micro-ATX
    5.25" Drive Bay 3 Exposed
    3.5" Drive Bay 2 Exposed
    5 Hidden
    I/O Panel USB 2.0 x2, Mic x1, Audio x1, 1394a x 1,(optional)
    Expansion Slots 7 (can fit all current graphic cards)
    Cooling System Top: 120 mm fan x 2 (optional)
    Front: 120 mm blue LED fan x 1,140 mm fan x 1 (optional)
    Rear: 80/90/120 mm fan x1(optional)
    Side: 120 mm fan x 1(optional)
    Bottom:80/90/120 mm fan x1(optional)
    Power Supply Standard ATX PS2(optional)

The Elite 430 Black comes with the usual set of specifications for a mid-sized gaming case. The material here is steel, the case can take mATX and ATX-sized motherboards, has three external 5,25" and two external 3,5" drive bays. For internal expansion there are five 3,5" drive bays. No 2,5" support here. Other specs include 7 cards slots and there's enough room for two HD5970's. At 4,7 kilos the case is extremely light and for cooling there's plenty of fan holes, but out the box it only has a single 120 mm is installed.




Cooler Master Elite 430 Black - Good looking case with potential

The bundle is limited to only the user manual, speaker, a bunch of zip ties, a bag of black screws and also loop for an optional side panel lock. As a small, but very lovely detail Cooler Master has also bundled a small bit with which one can use a Phillips head screw driver to tighten the motherboard stands in place.

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