Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Gaming case with an attitude!
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 10.02.2009
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product Group: System enclosures
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Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Moving around the case, here's how the rear panel looks like. Starting from the top there are two holes for water cooling hoses, a rather restrictive fan hole with 120 mm exhaust fan, I/O shield and 7 PCI-slots. On the right, just about half way down there's an extra PCI-card slot fitted with something CM calls a Storm Guard. This is a thick steel bracked with holes and hooks and is designed to be used at LAN-parties where you can use it to secure your expensive gaming gear via looping the cable around the Guard. Altogether a very simple yet functional feature. And after all if you don't have use for the Storm Guard, you can always use the extra PCI-slot for what ever PCI-cover add-ons you might have.


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

On the bottom there are four adjustable feet that lock in three positions. There's also a plastic shroud similar to the one on top of the case and this really helps keep the style together. The shroud is full of ventilation holes that guarantee a good airflow for the optional fan and PSU at the bottom of the case. Despite Cooler Master has used plastic on these shrouds, the build quality is so good the solution doesn't feel cheap in any way. All parts fit closely together and the parts don't bend in normal use.

...from inside


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Removing the side panel reveals the rather spacious internals of the case. On the right there are the five 5,25" external drive bays with tool free locks. Under this there are five HDD sledges, again with tool free quick release tabs. The HDD-bay is right behind the huge 200 mm fan at the front panel, but has pretty open design so atleast when not fully loaded it shouldn't kill the airflow.

On the bottom there is a fan holder for optional 140 mm fan. On the back there are the 7 PCI-slots with tool free locks and a 120 mm exhaust fan. On the roof one can also see the 200 mm exhaust fan.

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