Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Gaming case with an attitude!
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 10.02.2009
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product Group: System enclosures
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Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Here one can take a better look at the fans and also the motherboard tray that comes with instructions for different motherboard types. There's also a hole on the CPU-area to make installing CPU coolers with support plates easier. Both 200 mm fans on the case have blue led-lights, but thankfully there's the switch to turn the light off.


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

The rear side of the motherboard tray shows the cable managing holes and zip tie hooks. These should come handy when installing the system. The amount of cables snaking from the front panel was surprising at first, but you have to remember that there's an onboard fan controller and also a switch for the lights that increase the amount of cables needed. Unfortunately the fan and light controllers use 4-pin molex connectors for the fans and small two-pin connectors for the lights, so it requires some modding to connect your own fans or lights to the circuitry.


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

The thing that really made me like the Sniper already before installing the rig is the variety of tool free features. For example like in the image above, you can remove all the panels without any tools. Doing this gives access to the top fan that can also be replaced with two normal 120 mm fans for better water cooling support. Also on the bottom there's normally a clip-on holder for a 140 mm fan, but after removing the bottom cover one can easily also place a common 120 mm fan to that place. In this image you can also see the steel handles that are normally hidden under the plastic shroud. These make moving even such a large case around much easier.

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