Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Gaming case with an attitude!
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 10.02.2009
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product Group: System enclosures
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Cooler Master Storm Sniper

Installing the hard drives is made easy with tool-free caddies, slip the drive in place, push the caddy in place and then lock the caddy in place with the lever. In these cages there are also small rubber inserts for the holding pins, but these are very small and likely don't have a huge effect on the vibration dampening. Installing the optical drive has also been made very easy, simply slide the drive in place and press the button on the quick lock mechanism.


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

The Sniper really makes installation a pleasure. There's plenty of room for the cables, the tool-free features work well and altogether the design seems to work well. I try to put about the same amount of effort into the installation with every case to hilight the difference between cases. If the installation itself takes much time, there's not enough time to route the cables nicely.


Cooler Master Storm Sniper

The rear side of the motherboard tray didn't turn out quite as nice. Then again, not too much effort was put here and I'm sure with some more work also the back side of thing could be made tidy. Here you can also see the hole on the tray for easy access to the CPU cooler support plate required in the installation of some coolers. This again is a small detail that not too many case manufacturers have included in their cases. Also unlike with most cases with behind-the-tray cable managing, there's no need to bunch the cables tightly in the Sniper thanks to the bulge on the side panel. There's plenty of room for even the thickest 24-pin ATX cables to be routed.

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