Cooler Master Jet 7

Author: Antti Valkeinen
Published: 17.09.2003
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product group: Cooling

Cooler Master announced their first cooler using radial fan, Aero 7, on last spring. This versatile and effective cooler gave immediately a good impression to many of those who tried it and so it did to me. Now we have here product of a hard development work, Jet 7, which has improved fan and heat sink compared to Aero 7. In addition to that, Cooler Master has decided to add a little bit of chrome and few leds to the product.


Jet 7 is delivered in a transparent plastic box from where the new shiny fan is clearly visible. Most important specs have been printed on back side of the packet as well as few main features. Violet and chrome packet looks nice.


On the packet there is of course the heatsink and the fan, but also installation guide, thermal paste, 3.5" front plate and PCI bracket for speed adjusting and bag of screws. So you can use either 3.5" place or empty PCI slot for a speed adjuster, which is good if 3.5" places or PCI slots are limited or unavailable on your system. Cooler Master has included all necessary equipment for a succesfull cooler installation.

Coolermaster Jet 7

Wild looking cooler separates itself from any other cooler quite significantly. Jet engine design, chrome and tight housing gives it almost un-coolerlike appearance. Some computer enthusiastics might even think Jet 7 is ridiculous joke. Well it certainly is different but in good and fresh way. Then there are large amount of cables leaving from cooler including power-, rpm- and potentiometer cables.


Heat Sink Dimensions:74x60x40 mm
Heat Sink Material:Copper base with aluminum stacked fins
Fan Dimensions:80x80x80 mm
Fan Airflow:12.0-22,1 CFM
Air Pressure:3,15-10,70 mm H2O
Fan Speed:1900-3500 rpm
Voltage Rating:5.0-13,8 V
Noise Level:29,3-42,6 dBA
Bearing Type:Double Ball Bearing
Fan Life Expectance:50000 hr
Weight:490 g

Technical specifications of Jet 7 are quite normal, excluding fan dimensions, which are enormous. Heat sink material is not solid copper as expected but copper base with aluminium stacked fins. Fan air pressure has been decreased almost to half compared to original Aero 7. Fan speed and air flow have decreased a bit also. I hope that improved fan design makes Jet blower even better than Aero 7's blower. Aero 7's blower was a little bit loud and fan was not very enduring so there was room for a little improvements.

In addition to technical data Jet 7 has also shining blue led on the front and red led on the back side of a jet. So Jet 7 is at its best on the windowed computer case where chrome and leds can be seen.

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