Cooler Master Jet 7

Author: Antti Valkeinen
Published: 17.09.2003
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product group: Cooling

Heat sink

Heat sink

Aero 7's copper heat sink is replaced with new one. New heatsink has copper base with aluminum stacked fins. Thin and densely located aluminum fins are very good for high pressure radial fans. High air pressure causes air flow fluently even on dense heatsink and radial fan also blows air in the middle of heatsink so cooling power become even more effective.

Fins and copper base

Aluminum fins are little wider than the copper base. Fins are soldered to the copper base and all joints seem good. There should be no problem concerning heat transmission from copper base to aluminum fins. Dense fin assignment increases the cooling area but it has its problems too. Dense heat sink collects dust very easily and because of that cooling efficiency decreases in time. New heat sink is also lighter than old one and there is no pass for mounting clip in the middle. There is now a hole for the mounting clip through the heatsink and that probably reduces air turbulence and affects cooling power positively.


Cooler Master Jet 7

Best feature on radial blower is that it produces higher air pressure than conventional fan. High air pressure keeps air flowing on difficult conditions like on very dense heatsink. Radial blower has also other good features like the fact that air blows also from the middle of the blower and not only from the edges like on conventional fans. This way, air flows right there where it is most needed and doesn't cause harmfull turbulences.

Model of blower

There is a sticker at bottom of the blower, which indicates that the new blower differs from the original Aero 7's blower quite significantly. New fan consumes only 0,55 A of current where as Aero 7's blower used 1,2 A. Blades are now smaller and there are more of them than before. Let's hope that changes affects performance and durability positively.


Equipped with double ball bearings, the fan rotates very evenly. Many bigger radial blowers like car's heating devices are separately balanced but I didn't notice any kind of balancing on Jet 7 blower. Blower is generally quite quiet and electric motor's noise is very quiet at low rpm. Usually big and efficient high rpm fans keep loud noise even at low rpm's.

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