Cooler Master Jet 7

Author: Antti Valkeinen
Published: 17.09.2003
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Product group: Cooling


ProcessorAMD AthlonXP 1700+ & 1700+@2600+
MotherboardAsus A7N8X Deluxe
MemoryKingston HyperX PC3000 2x256MB
Hard driveIBM Deskstar 120GXP 80GB
Video cardAlbatron GF4 Ti4200 Turbo

I conducted tests with a normal ATX mid-tower, which has only two quiet fans in PSU and also video card has it's own little fan. Because of this there is no real case cooling which makes this test very hard for the cooler.

I used Spire's FalconRock II as a reference cooler. Falcon Rock II is a quiet and cheap but still quite efficient basic heatsink without any special features. Performance tests were performed on Athlon XP 1700+ (11x133MHz 1.5V) as well as on 1700+@2600+ (12x166 MHz 1.65V) processors. Both high and low rpm settings were used on Jet 7.

I measured processor temperature on the socket because processor's internal diode didn't seem to show very realiable readings (varied too much). Test method was to let processor idle on destop till temperatures didn't go any lower and then start CPUBurnK7, which I let run till processor temperature didn't raise anymore. Temperatures were monitored using MBM 5.3. Room temperature was around 23°C during tests.

1700+ 1.5V

Jet 7 keeped the load temperatures very low and difference between idle and load was only 4°C, which is very good. Reference cooler performed very well and had lower noise levels than Jet 7 on high rpm setting.

2600+ 1.5V

Increased heat production didn't strain Jet 7 as much as it did with the reference cooler. Difference between idle and load temperatures is however 10°C. Even at low rpm setting, Jet 7 keeps temperatures low enough although load temperature is 7°C higher than on high rpm setting.



Cooler Master Jet 7

+ Impressive looking (with reservations)
+ Splendid fan
+ Versatile
+ Reasonable performance

- Light can't be turned off
- Mounting clip
- Weaker fan than on original Aero 7

Cooler Master Jet 7 succeeds to be a very unique product. Performance is acceptable, fan solution is very exceptional and external appearance is quite stunning. Jet 7 is still not perfect and especially mounting clip need redesigning.

Shining leds and airplane theme might irritate some but my point of view is that soon these "themes" conquer cooler- and computer case markets. Maybe someone, for example, wouldn't mind to have a cooler covered with furr? Jet 7 isn't cooler for everyone and it is at its best in a windowed gaming rig rather than on grey closed computer case under the workbench.

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