All-In-One water cooling for CPU

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 07.06.2010
Manufacturer: CoolIT Systems
Product Group: Cooling - CPU
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Beside the main cooling systems of aircooling and all-out water cooling, there are also coolers that try to combine the performance of water cooling and price of air cooling. One example of coolers like this is the Corsair Hydro H50 we tested last year. This said, we now have a cooler from probably the best known manufacturer of coolers like this - CoolIT Systems and their ECO A.L.C.


Package & Specs


ECO A.L.C. - All-In-One water cooling for CPU

The cooler arrived to our review in a reasonably sized, mainly white cardboard box with specifications, features and also a couple of drawings printed on it. The cooler inside is very well covered with a couple of pieces of shape-cut polystyrene blocks.


CPU Block

  • Copper Micro-Channel

Universal Retention System

  • for Intel 775, 1156, 1366 and AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3 sockets.


  • Quiet, compact, long life CFF1 pump
  • Ceramic bearing
  • Life Cycle: 50,000 Hours MTTF


  • CoolIT Systems low toxicity with anticorrosion/ anti fungal additives


  • Custom engineered for low noise high heat dissipation


  • Speed: 1800 RPM MAX

CoolIT 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

On paper the ECO A.L.C. is very much like all the other similar coolers. It has some fluid circulating in a sealed system, being moved by a pump build into the CPU-block and being cooled by a single 120 mm radiator. The cooler comes with mounting brackets for all the sockets that matter and the fan is rated at quite high 1800 RPM.




ECO A.L.C. - All-In-One water cooling for CPU

The bundle has the mounting brackets (although our pre-production sample only came with the AMD-kit) and screws for mounting the radiator to the case and also a set of screws for adding a second fan. The thermal paste is already pre-applied and covered with a plastic shroud so the installation should be very quick.

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