Corsair Force GT SSD

When HDD fast is not fast enough!

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 07.09.2011
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Storage
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Corsair Force GT SSD - When HDD fast is not fast enough!

ATTO is another test program for giving raw write- and read speeds at various block sizes. Looking from small to up, the F3 is actually doing very well at 1-4 kB sub tests, but after this both SSDs are significantly faster. The F120 tops at 280 MB/s, and the Force GT goes up to 500 MB/s again - just as promised on the box.




Corsair Force GT SSD - When HDD fast is not fast enough!

Unlike most of the other benchmarks here, AS SSD actually gives a score rather than the read/write speeds themselves. In total score the Force GT wins the F120 by 102 points.


Corsair Force GT SSD - When HDD fast is not fast enough!

The AS SSD also measures the access time for both read and write, and here it's a very close call between these two drives. In fact it's such a close call that the difference of 1 or 9 micro seconds isn't really going to show anywhere.


  • Fast
  • Comes with a 3,5" bracket
  • Fast!

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    Editor's Choice Award!

    The Corsair Force GT is without a doubt one of the fastest S-ATA SSDs on the market today. It looks like it's going to stay that way, too, because it just about saturates the S-ATA 3 connection with its 500 MB/s write and read speeds. So if you've been putting off your SSD-purchase because there's always been a faster generation just around the corner, this excuse doesn't really work anymore.

    Corsair has also packed the sweet performance in a nice looking red shell and bundled the ever so important 3,5" bracket with the drive. Before S-ATA 4 or some other, faster connection comes around I really can't think of many ways to improve a SSD from here.

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