Corsair Hydro H100

High performance cooling with water

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 22.09.2011
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Cooling - CPU
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A while back we took a look at some new high performance air coolers and this time we continue on the CPU-cooling theme, but move over to water cooling. We've already reviewed two water coolers by Corsair, but this time they've come up with something genuinely new, so it's time to take a closer look.


Package & Specifications


Corsair Hydro H100 - High performance cooling with water

  • Socket Support: AMD AM2, AMD AM3, Intel LGA 1155, Intel LGA 1156, Intel LGA 1366, Intel LGA 2011, Intel LGA 775
  • Cold plate material: Copper
  • Radiator material: Aluminum
  • Radiator dimensions: 122x275x27 mm
  • Tubing: Low-permeability for near-zero evaporation
  • Fans: 2*120 mm
  • Fan speed: (+/-10%): Up to 1300 RPM (low noise), 2000 RPM (balanced), 2500 RPM (High performance)
  • Fan airflow: 46-92 CFM
  • Fan noise: 22-39 dBA
  • Warranty Five years

The cooler comes in a box similar to what we've seen with previous Corsair water coolers. The box has some pictures of the cooler and also all the specifications are printed around it. The cooler itself is carefully padded inside to prevent any shipping damage.

Looking at the specifications it's the usual sealed loop water cooler with copper block and aluminum radiator. Anyway there's one thing that sets the H100 apart from any other such cooler we've seen - it uses a dual 120 mm radiator. We've seen a great number of cases that support a 240-sized radiator on the roof, so this is a logical step to take for these all-in-one coolers.




Corsair Hydro H100 - High performance cooling with water

Corsair has re-thought the mounting system, which has reduced the number of required mounting parts to minimum. Besides the pile of screws the bundle also includes a 3-pin extension cable, Corsair product flyer, installation guide, information about the warranty and the two 120 mm fans.

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