Corsair Hydro H70

All-In-One water cooling for CPU

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 03.11.2010
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Cooling - CPU
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It's a good while since our last cooling review, so we thought it's time to look at something new from Corsair. We reviewed the Hydro H50 all-in-one CPU water cooler last year and now Corsair has come up with a new, higher performance unit - the H70. The principle is the same as with the H50 and Coolit ECO A.L.C . so without further redo, lets just dive straight in.




Corsair Hydro H70 - All-In-One water cooling for CPU

The cooler comes in a fairly large box, with very similar theme to other Corsair products. All the necessary specifications as well as some product photos are printed around the box and inside all the parts are held in place on recycled cardboard shells, very well protected from any shipping damage.




Corsair Hydro H70 - All-In-One water cooling for CPU

The bundle is pretty impressive. There are mounting brackets for Intel and AMD-boards, a bunch of screws, two fans, a couple of resistors to lower the fan voltage, complete with an Y-splitter and mounting guide for all the different sockets. The H70 is by no means a cheap cooler, but Corsair makes a good point when they say it still offers good value as it comes with two quality fans. Many high-end air coolers come with none.

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