Corsair PadLock

USB Flash Memory with Pin Code protection.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 23.08.2007
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Storage
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Corsair's Padlock Flash memory device is based on DataLock technology from ClevX, LLC. You'll immediatelly notice the five large buttons on top of the USB Flash drive. Other than that the drive seems more or less the same as any other USB Flash drive you have seen.


  • Auto-Locking - Self locking after removal from computer
  • Customizable PIN - Set your own PIN and make it easy to remember
  • Easy to Use - Direct keypad access and indicator lights make locking/unlocking simple
  • Plug and Play - Hardware based security works without installing or running software
  • Platform independent - Works on Windows, MAC and Linux platforms without the use of software






Using the drive is simple. First you select the PIN code that you would like to use for the drive. It can range from 1 number to 10 digit sequence. While there are two numbers printed on every PIN entry button, the button still operates as a one regular press button. They could have used colors or for example farm animals as symbols but now you can select for example your birthday eventhough you might need to press the same button for different numbers. Once the PIN is in, the drive is no longer accessible without it.

To access the drive, it is necessary to press the "lock" icon on the drive. After that just enter the code and press the lock again. Flashing green led indicated that the code was correct and that the drive is now accessible and will show up in Windows explorer. If the drive is not inserted to the USB port within 15 seconds, it will be automatically locked again.

When you have finished using the drive and remove it from the USB port, the Padlock will automatically lock itself after 15 seconds. Great feature as it doesn't require that the user remembers to place the drive back to secure mode.

Size comparision




Adding a keypad, even a small keypad adds to the physical size of the unit. So, the Padlock isn't that small but that only makes it easier to notice that you have it with you. It is not like you were carrying something huge inside your pocket. Just something bit more substantial that the most of the USB Flash Memory Drives these days.


Peek inside



Inside the Padlock is a small alkaline battery. This makes it possible to unlock the drive before it gets plugged into the USB port. Nowadays the green values are important and by placing a battery inside a device that is not user serviceable, might not have been the greenest move from Corsair. Manufacturer estimates that the battery will last around three years under normal use. Technology of the drive will be outdated well before that but still, as the drive functions just as well without the battery, why put it there in the first place.

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