Corsair Survivor

8 GB USB Memory Stick with attitude.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 18.06.2007
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Storage
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If you have 8 GB of space, you want it to fill fast. HD Tune shows pretty nice results of 18.9 MB/sec transfer rate. In practise this means 1.63 gigabytes transfered in 88 seconds as shown below in the stop watch test. When using USB 2.0, the Survivor is as fast as I want an external storage to be.





SiSoft Sandra shows that read performance is nearly two times the write speed, so nothing new here. Overall survivor performs far better than 'regular' USB memories. Interestingly transfering data into Survivor took over 10% usage of core2duo e6400 cpu. When doing these speed tests, I first formatted the memory and later realized the bundled True Crypt software was gone. It might be better idea to include mini CD for the software, at least this way the True Crypt would have survived a bit longer.


...but will it survive?

Over the Internet this device has been shot, pounded with hammer and who knows what. Only unique test that would't risk my life as well as the Survivor's was the combination of water and pressure: a freezer. Mug filled with water and Corsair was put in to -20 °C to find out if its really waterproof and can handle some pressure. After 48 hours in freezer I started to melt the iceblock and took photos of the Survivor slowly being revealed. Naturally all the data was untouched when tested later.

In Finland we have lots of snow and ice, so it's important for memory to survive these conditions. Perhaps manufacturers should adopt a new marketing term to their products; Nordic Proof!




  • Speed, speed, speed
  • Durable

  • CONS 
  • Stickers ruin the looks
  • Award

    Overall Corsair Survivor is a pretty nice companion. Promised transfer speeds turned out to be true which is important for a storage with this kind of capacity. You don't have to worry about data being lost when traveling with Survivor in the pocket. If none of this technical stuff impresses you, then how about people asking 'What timecapsule is that?'

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