Creative HS-1200

Stylish Wireless Headset
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 29.10.2008
Manufacturer: Creative
Product Group: Audio
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It has been ages since I've used wireless headphones, so this might just be the time to see how far they have come since then. Wireless really is one of the buzz-words in the business at the moment. It seems like anything wireless is cool nowadays. Sure wireless hardware will cut down on the cable-clutter that we often find on our desks, but will this come without a cost? Jimm's Pc-Store was nice enough to send the Creative HS-1200 Digital Wireless Gaming Headset into our testbench so we can find out.

Creative HS-1200


Creative HS-1200 Wireless Headset

Creative has chosen to package their headphones in a green/black-themed box, that showcases the headphones and receiver nicely. The front actually opens up, revealing some more information and it gives the buyers a better view of the headphones. The backside of the box has some more specs of the headphones and it also gets the buyers familiar with the technologies that the headphones use.



Creative HS-1200 Wireless Headset

After unpacking the headphones you can find a fairly thick manual, couple of other guides, a driver CD, the USB receiver and the headphones. Despite the manuals thickness, it really only covers the basic setup of the set and some troubleshooting tips. The thickness really comes from the 18 different languages it covers.

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