DDR3 Memory Roundup

Six different modules from six different manufacturers
Crucial   Patriot
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Author: Toni Siik
Published: 03.10.2008
Product Group: Memory
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G.Skill F3-14400CL8D-2GBPI


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

The G.Skill memory kit comes in a blue box that clearly shows that this kit belongs to the Pi-Series. On the front of the box you have your G.Skill and Pi-logos with the G.Skill motto, "Where speed is!". On the back you can find the specs for the kit and the contact information of G.Skill.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

The package did surprise me, as it opens up, giving the buyer a sneak peak at the modules and two pictures that compare the heat distribution with and without the heatsinks.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

Here you can see what you can find inside the box. The box houses the memory kit in a plastic shell with a short manual and two stickers.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

Just like many other manufacturers, G.Skill has decided to equip their high end memory kits with large heatsinks. These should help dissipate the heat that comes with running the memory at higher voltages. Most of the larger heatsinks that seen with other high-end memory kits look fairly like the ones we can see here. The modules do look stunning and the heatsinks seem to take care of business.

Both sides of the modules are completely covered with the aluminum heatsink and both sides have the G.Skill and Pi-logos clearly visible with a Blue/Orange theme. One side however has the memory-specs on a sticker.

  • Main Board: Intel
  • System: Desktop
  • System Type: DDR3
  • Motherboard Chipset: Intel: X48, X38, P35 Nvidia: n7xxi Series, n7xx Series
  • Timings: 8-8-8-21
  • Capacity: 2GB (1GB x 2)
  • Speed: DDR3-1800 (PC3 14400)
  • Test Voltage: 1.9V
  • PCB: 6 Layer
  • Warranty: Lifetime

CSX Diablo3-2000-2GB-Kit


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

The CSX Diablo memory kit was delivered in a smaller clear plastic box that had hellish red design on the front that has a picture of the memory module on it with some of the specs. The back on the other hand showcases both of the modules in all their glory.

When the package is opened, the front design can be folded open to reveal an installation guide with some technical specs and settings for the modules.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

As we saw with the G.Skill memory kit, CSX has also chosen to cool their modules with large metallic coolers that are called EXTREME METAL COOLERs. This time the coolers are black and they have a different design for the top part. Both sides of the modules have the same sticker that has the CSX and DIABLO-logos clearly visible. As always the other side of the modules has the sticker with the specs on it.

  • CSX-order-no: DIABLO3-2000-2GB-KIT
  • Article number: 10014307
  • Capacity: 2 GB (2x1)
  • Chip type: DDR3
  • Jedec Standard Setting: 1333 MHz CL9
  • Overclocking Setting 1: max. setting for INTEL X38: 1600MHz 7-6-5-14 1.85V (command rate: 1T)
  • Overclocking Setting 2: max. setting for INTEL X48: 1866MHz 8-7-6-15 1.90V (command rate: 1T)
  • Overclocking Setting 3: max. setting for NVIDIA nF790i: 2000MHz 8-7-6-19 2.0 - 2.1V (command rate: 1T)
  • PCB: 8 Layer
  • Chips: MICRON D9GTR

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