DDR3 Memory Roundup

Six different modules from six different manufacturers
Crucial   Patriot
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Author: Toni Siik
Published: 03.10.2008
Product Group: Memory
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Patriot PVS32G1800LLK


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

The memory kit that Patriot supplied us is the Viper-series 1800 MHz Low Latency version. It.s rated at 1800 with 8-8-8-20 timings, the SPD however also specifies the 7-7-7-20 timings. Both of the settings worked just as they were supposed to and this gave me the possibility to move onto the lower 1600 MHz and higher speeds.

1600 MHz proved fairly easy, and the kit actually was able to run at this speed with the fast timings of 7-6-5-14 with a command rate of T2. After raising the voltage to 2.13 V and tweaking the timings to 8-7-7-18 with a command rate of T2 this kit went all the way up to 2000 MHz.

Corsair TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

As the only 4 GB kit in this review as well as having the slowest specified speed my hopes weren.t that high as to getting high scores with this kit. Traditionally 2 GB kits have performed much better especially when overclocking.

This kit is rated at 1600 MHz and the modest timings of 9-9-9-24 with 1.8 V. After getting the test bench up to par, these settings ran fine. After getting the boring "rated" setting out of the way I could turn my attention to getting this kit running faster. After upping the voltage a tad, the kit ran nicely at 1600MHz with considerably tighter timings of 7-7-7-18 and T2. After raising the frequency to 1800MHz the timings were still lower than the original timings at the rated speed. This time around the timings I used were 8-8-8-24 and T1. Not bad at all for a 1600 MHz rated kit with looser timings.

Finally the quest for 2000 MHz started, after loosening the timings to the rated timings and increasing the voltage I actually got this kit running at 1940MHz. However I ran into stability issues in 3DMark Vantage and TF2, forcing me to lower the frequencies all the way down to 1860MHz. No matter what, I couldn.t get this kit running faster, even with higher voltages etc. atleast in my timeframe.

Mushkin Ascent DDR3-1800 996626


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

I had high hopes for this kit as the heavy modules really looked and felt like the business. The rated timings and frequencies also looked fairly good. However I ran into some problems with this kit. There seem to be some compatibility issues with this kit and the Foxconn Black Ops motherboard as the motherboard loaded timings that were too tight if the memory settings were left at the AUTO-setting. This kit was tested with three different motherboards before I received it and it had run just fine on all of the other motherboards so it seems like the problems that I faced are just isolated to my motherboard. I managed to bypass the problem by setting every memory timing by hand.

After getting this kit to run as it was supposed to, the benchmarking could begin. At 1600 MHz the kit ran at nice settings of 8-7-6-17 T1 which posted some nice scores. At 1800 MHz the rated specs ran nicely and the cores were fairly promising as well. After getting those out of the way, I tried to get this kit to 2000 MHz, unfortunately as I only had a couple of hours of testing time for this kit, I couldn't get past 1900 MHz. I seemed to hit a brickwall at 1900 MHz, as no mater what I did would get the board to POST at higher frequencies than this. You can find reports of this kit doing over 2000 MHz so I'm sure this kit would do so too, with the right motherboard and more time...

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