DDR3 Memory Roundup

Six different modules from six different manufacturers
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Author: Toni Siik
Published: 03.10.2008
Product Group: Memory
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SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. It should provide most of the information (including undocumented) you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software.

In this review decided to use the Memory Bandwidth benchmark-tool from the suite. This should give us a good estimate at the memory bandwidth that we get at each speed and setting.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

When looking at the results we can see some surprises. At 1600MHz the Mushkin Kit mops the floor with the competition in both tests. The G.Skill kit takes second with the scores on both the Float and Int bandwidth. Here you can see the effect of the CL6 setting. While otherwise running at tighter timings, the Patriot, CSX and Crucial kits fall back a little on the bandwidth side. The Crucial kit ends up a tad lower than the Corsair kit that.s at 7-7-7-18 timings.

At 1800 MHz once again we have a tight situation with the Patriot kit leading the pack with 9.07 GB/s on both tests. Coming in hot on Patriots heels comes the Crucial kit followed with CSX, G.Skill, Corsair and Mushkin in that order.

Finally getting close to the max speeds for some of the kits. Running at 1860 MHz the Corsair kit scores a healthy 9.16GB/s and 9.17 GB/s scores showing some nice improvement from the stock speeds of 7.88 GB/s and 7.8 GB/s.

At 1900 MHz the G.Skill scored 9.21 GB/s and 9.22 GB/s also showing a good improvement over the stock speeds. The Mushkin kit does also a respectable 9.00 GB/s and 8.95 GB/s on the tests at their max frequency.

The last three kits got all the way to 2000 MHz and here the tables have turned slightly. Here the CSX kit finishes first with a healthy margin, thanks to its insanely tight timings. The Crucial and Patriot kits follow CSXs lead, both showing some impressive bandwidths.

PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage is a PC benchmark suite designed for Windows Vista offering one-click simplicity for casual users and detailed, professional grade testing for industry, press and enthusiasts. A PCMark score is a measure of your computer.s performance across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security.

From desktops and laptops to workstations and gaming rigs, by comparing your PCMark Vantage score with other similar systems you can find the hardware and software bottlenecks that stop you getting more from your PC. This time however we're just using the Memory Suite of the whole benchmark as we're only testing the memories.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

The Futuremark PCMark Vantage x64 seems to favour tight timings and the sole 4 GB kit that we have in our roundup. This time around the Patriot kit leads in the 2000 MHz and 1800 MHz settings with the Corsair kit dominating the 1600 MHz settings at the rated speeds. For the Corsair kit the tighter T1 command rate had more of an effect on the score than the other timings in the PCMark Vantage Memory Suite. The G.Skill got some spectacular scores with the 1600 MHz setting, but for some reason the scores didn't move hand in hand with the higher frequencies. For some reason, the Mushkin kits scores didn't scale that well when the frequencies were raised. At 1600 MHz it showed some good potential, but the higher frequencies didn't do that well.

Super PI Mod V1.5XS 1M

Super Pi is a fairly commonly used benchmarkin program among overclockers that does the calculation of Pi up to the wanted amount of decimals. This benchmark is heavily dependent on the CPU, so the results rely heavily on the CPU-speed.


DDR3 Memory Roundup (G.SKILL, CSX, Crucial, Patriot, Corsair and Mushkin)

Once again the differences are really small with this heavily CPU-dependant benchmark. At 1600 MHz the Mushkin kit takes honors and it beats the other by just a minute. At 1800 MHz the competition is just as tight as the Mushkin kit has the lowest run average. Finally at 2000 MHz the Patriot kit slightly edges out the competition with just 0.014 s.

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