Foxconn 8600 GTS - 256 MB

nVidia based Gaming GFX Card.
Author: Jouni Vasama
Published: 16.05.2007
Manufacturer: Foxconn
Product Group: GFX Cards
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Nvidia's high-end cards have been out for already months, but only recently they launched their middle price range of the 8-series cards. The fastest of the new cards is 8600GTS, the second is 8600GT and then there's the 8500GT. The family also contains Geforce 8400 and 8300 cards, but those are only available for OEM manufacturers. On the day one only the 8600GTS became available, the rest will hit the stores later.


8800 Ultra
8800 GTX
8800 GTS
8600 GTS
8600 GT
8500 GT
Stream Processors 128 128 96 32 32 16
Core Clock (MHz) 612 575 500 675 540 450
Shader Clock (MHz) 1500 1350 1200 1450 1190 900
Memory Clock (MHz) 1080 900 800 1000 700 400
Memory Amount 768MB 768MB 640MB or
256MB 256MB 256MB
Memory Interface 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 103.7 86.4 64 32 22.4 12.8
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 39.2 36.8 24 10.8 8.64 3.6

The 8600GTS and GT share the same G84 GPU where as the 8500 has G86 core that only has 16 Stream processors compared to the 32 in the G84. The only difference between the 8600GT and GTS models are the clock speeds.

From the chart one can see that the 8600GTS has the highest core clock, and after the 8800 Ultra, also the highest memory clock. Unfortunately the 8600GTS's memory interface is only 128 bits wide. This leads to the memory bandwith being only 32 GB/sec and clearly less than in the G80 based models. At higher resolutions this may significantly affect the difference between the G80 and G84 cores.



Foxconn is a manufacturer larger than most people imagine. It hasn't had its own retail cards on the markets for too long, but before that it has worked as an OEM producer for numerous other well known brands. Knowing this makes seeing their products even more interesting.

Foxconn card comes in a medium sized box with rather distinctive graphics printed all over it. This is something different from the cyborg chicks, and thus will catch one's attention. The most important features are printed on the top, and from the backside one can find a nice comparison table of the current nVidia-cards. There's also some Windows Vista-knowledge, which is logical as this card supports DirectX 10 and HDCP.

Package contents



The bundle that came with the card is very limited, only the most necessary adapters, a driver CD, an utility CD and an user manual decorated with the same weird graphics. The video-adapter includes output connections for S-video, composite and component signals. There's also an adapter that turns two normal peripheral power connectors into one PCI-e power connector, this comes in use if you don't have PCI-e connectors in your PSU. The card has two DVI connectors, so there's also two DVI to D-SUB adapters. Besides these there's also the Utility CD that contains VirtualDrive v10 and RestroreIT v7.0 programs.

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