Fractal Design Define XL

Cost effective and silent case

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 28.02.2011
Manufacturer: Fractal Design
Product Group: Enclosures
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Define XL - from inside


Fractal Design Define XL - Cost effective and silent case

With the side panel removed we can finally see the internal design of the case. Also the inside is painted black, with the exception of the hard drive sledges, PCI-covers and fan blades, which add a splash of white color to the view.

The case is split into two different chambers - one for the power supply and maximum of six hard drives, and the other for all the rest. The motherboard chamber looks otherwise very familiar, but on the roof there's a tilted 180 mm exhaust fan which pushes air through the rear panel vents. There's also plenty of rubber grommets for cable management around the motherboard area.


Fractal Design Define XL - Cost effective and silent case

The HDD-cage on the upper compartment can be either turned 90 degrees or removed altogether to make more room for the graphic cards, but the ones on the bottom are riveted in place. This is a bit odd, since fitting a very long power supply to the bottom chamber can be a bit tricky and not everyone even needs 6 hard drive bays.


Fractal Design Define XL - Cost effective and silent case

The rear side of the motherboard tray mainly showcases how cable management is done properly. Not only are there holes on the tray for cables to go through, but also the back side of the hard drive cages is left open for easy installation. On top of all this there are also plenty of hooks to anchor zip ties to. Really the only downside to all this cable management is that the power supply cable hole should be closer to the HDD-bays to allow longer power supplies. There's also a very large cut-out for installing the CPU-cooler.

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