Fractal Design Define XL

Cost effective and silent case

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Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 28.02.2011
Manufacturer: Fractal Design
Product Group: Enclosures
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Fractal Design Define XL - Cost effective and silent case

During installation the XL feels surprisingly crowded for such a large case. This is mainly caused by the bottom chamber, which uses a lot of the available height, as well as the tilted top fan, which takes up all of the space above that corner of the motherboard.Another and more serious problem we faced was the fact that the power supply of our test rig would not fit in the case, so we had to use spacers between the mounting bracket and the frame.

Other than these two problems the installation is straight forward and doesn't take too long.


Fractal Design Define XL - Cost effective and silent case

With long enough power supply cables the cable management works like a charm. There's plenty of space between the motherboard tray and the right side panel, so you don't really need to be too fussy with how the cables are routed.

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