Logitech G3 Laser Mouse

Gaming mouse with a laser sensor and adjustable sensitivity.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 21.09.2006
Manufacturer: Logitech
Product Group: Input
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Computer mice haven't gone through any major evolution changes during the years they have existed. So far the biggest improvements from the original design have been the invention of optical movement sensor that tracks the surface that the mouse travels on and of course the wheel. The optical sensors have slowly become more and more accurate but now a whole new level of accuracy has become available due to the laser technology. Instead of traditional led-based optical mice, there's a non visible laser beam in the mouse which - at least according to the manufacturers - should be more accurate than the led based technology. Now Logitech has sent us their G3 laser mouse and we can find out ourselves if there's any noticeable difference.

The package



Logitech mice usually come in green and black boxes with main specs clearly laid out and the G3 is no different. Mouse is clearly visible through the plastic window and the customer really doesn't have to buy a "pig in a bag" with this one. The package contains no surprises, actually it contains pretty much only the mouse. Other than the mouse there's an installation guide, a leaflet showing other Logitech's products. A bit surprisingly there's no CD including the software. Instead there is a leaflet telling the URL from where one can download the Setpoint software to "Get the most out of your mouse". Also there is no USB to PS2 adapter included any more.



From the first look it is pretty obvious that this mouse is meant for both right- and left handed users. This design has its pros and cons. It's of course great that also left handers can have accurate laser mouse but then again if you are a right hander, a more ergonomically designed mouse could be slightly nicer to use. In my opinion the design itself is not a problem but the fact that the other sidebutton is located on the right side of the mouse makes life bit harder.

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