Gainward 285GTX

Great performer!
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 05.02.2009
Manufacturer: Gainward
Product Group: Display Adapters
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As our graphics card reviews have gone a little bit red lately, we finally have something from the green-team to compare to. In order to regain the king-of-the-hill status back from AMD, Nvidia has brought a couple of new competitors to the high-end market. The older GT200 core based 280GTX was beaten by the HD4870X2, so Nvidia had to cook up something new. Just like AMD, Nvidia decided to regain the thrown by combining two cores on the same card. This would've been a tremendous feat with the older GT200-core, as it was tremendously hot, meaning that the dual-chip card would resemble a BBQ more than a graphics card. The GT200b-core was the solution they needed. In addition to lowering manufacturing costs per chip, the chip chip would run at lower temperatures due to the smaller manufacturing technique. AMD already took the plunge into 55 nm technology with the RV770 last summer, and Nvidia followed them a bit later with the GT200b. The GT200b really is just a shrunk GT200 that has been tweaked a little bit.

We reviewed the 280GTX back in last july when it was the fastest card on the block. Today we have the newer version of the 280GTX in our hands, the 285GTX. This time its left in the shadow, by its big brother, the 290GTX, which is based on the same sandwich-structure like the 9800GX2. The 285GTX is still aimed at the HD4870X2, so there should be plenty of punch in the 285GTX as well.



Gainward 285GTX

Here's the front and back of the sales package. Nothing special once again. The package is a bit on the large side however, which means that the bundle is big, or that Gainward has packed some nice air into their package.



Gainward 285GTX

Despite the larger box, Gainward doesn't include anything out of the ordinary with the graphics card. The bundle includes a driver-cd, a manual, a dongle for component-out etc., a power adapter, DVI -> VGA and DVI -> HDMI adapters and finally a SPDIF-cable that you can use to pass sound through the HDMI-cable.

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