Gainward 295 GTX

When the speed is all the matters.
Author: Toni 'HaoKi' Siik
Published: 09.04.2009
Manufacturer: Gainward
Product Group: Display adapters
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Use, Overclocking and Temperatures


Gainward 295 GTX

As we can see the Gainward 295GTX runs at the same exact frequencies as the Nvidia reference card. While the 285GTX runs at 648/1242 speeds, the 295GTX uses 576/999 clocks while using the same core. Even with the lower frequencies the card packs enough punch to make it the hottest card on the market.

Eventhough the heatsink has to cope with the heat generated by two cards at once, it manages amazingly well. The idle-temperatures are as low as 50 and 49 centigrade. Not bad at all considering that the card doesn't make too much noise anyways. I tested the load-temps by looping 3DMark06 for a decent amount of time so that temperatures would get the chance to settle down. After churning away for a while, the temperatures reached 77 and 76 centigrade on the cores. This is pretty nice also, as I've gotten used to the close to 90 temps that I've gotten with my HD4870s in my main rig.


Gainward 295 GTX

Knowing that the heatsink had to cope with the heat from two cards, I really didn't expect the card to clock this well. Although it didn't reach the clocks that the 285GTX reached with the same core, the 675 MHz for the core, 1455 MHz for the shaders and 1200 MHz for the memory wasn't bad. Overclocking was pretty easy, but unlike many other cards, the whole system usually just crashed completely instead of the normal corruption while running it on the edge. I ran the overclocked settings in the 3DMark benchmarks and COD4 to get an idea on how well the card scales with higher frequencies.

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