Gainward GeForce GT220 1024MB

Budget card for light work

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 04.01.2010
Manufacturer: Gainward
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Blazing fast top of the range graphic cards often get the most attention and get reviewed the most, but this time around we have something a bit different for a closer look - the Nvidia GT220. It's a budget card for those who just don't need all the performance. Now lets see what a modern day budget solution can do!


Package & Specs


Gainward GeForce GT220 1024MB Budget card for light work

The Gainward GT220 arrived to our test in a tiny box about the size of an average DVD-drive. The front of the package shows some generic box art and also some of the specifications. At a quick glance it's obvious that the GT220 is a PCI-express 2.0 compliant card, the chip is produced in 40 nm process, it has a HDMI-connector and also supports HDCP.

Product Name  :    Gainward GeForceĀ® GT220 1024MB
Barcode  :    426018336-0674
GPU  :    NVIDIA GeForceĀ® GT220
GPU Clockspeed  :    645 MHz
Memory  :    1024 MB DDR3 (128 bits)
Memory Clockspeed  :    790 MHz
Pixels per clock (peak)  :    N/A
Bandwidth  :    25.3 GB/s
Ramdac  :    400 MHz
Bus  :    PCI-Express 2.0
Cooling  :    1-Slot Fan Cooler
Video-Features  :    HDMI-Output
Connectivity  :    HDMI + DVI + VGA



Gainward GeForce GT220 1024MB Budget card for light work

The bundle seems to suit the minimalist theme of things and only features a short intall guide and a driver CD. No adapters whatsoever here.

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