Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2048MB

Fast graphics with a short card

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 29.05.2011
Manufacturer: Gainward
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Our recent graphic card reviews have largely been all about AMD and especially Barts, but now it's time to find out what Nvidia has to offer against the AMD HD6-series. Both of the large graphic card manufacturers have been updating their product ranges and naming the new cards rather confusingly. We've gone through the AMD naming scheme already before, but also Nvidia has had its part, as the GTX560 is the replacement for the GTX470.

The card we're going to put through its paces arrived to our test from Gainward and it's the GTX 560 Ti 2048 MB Phantom. Phantom is a Gainward's range of cards with enhanced coolers, which should help quietly keep the core cool.


Package & Specs

AMD Radeon HD6850 AMD Radeon HD6870 AMD Radeon HD6950 Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti
GPU Barts Barts Cayman GF100 GF116 GF114
Stream processors / Cuda cores 960 1120 1408 448 192 384
Core speed (MHz) 775 900 800 607/1215 900/1800 822/1644
Memory speed (MHz) 1000 1050 1250 837 1025 1002
TPD (W) 127/19 151/19 200/20 215 116 170
Prices start (USD) ~180 ~210 ~250 EOL ~150 ~250


There's currently a lot to choose from on the mid-range gaming graphic markets. Both Nvidia and AMD have brought up new models, while some of the last generation cards are still being sold at great bargains. At stock speeds the GTX 560 Ti should perform very similarly to the old GTX 470, and when comparing over to the AMD's cards, this would make it sit somewhere between the HD6870 and the HD6950. With the GTX 5-series of cards, Nvidia has also managed to improve the energy efficiency, so there no longer is a large difference in that, either.

What makes the situation even more interesting and comparing the cards even harder is knowing that most of these cards are beastly overclockers. If you're willing to push the factory clock speeds, most cards will offers even more bang for buck.


Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2048MB  - Fast graphics with a short card

The card comes packed in a huge box touting the Phantom edition and all the technologies supported by the GTX5-series cards. On the back side there's more information about the cooler and also some hype about the DX11 and PhysX features. Inside the card is packed in thick layers of cardboard.


Gainward GTX 560 Ti 2048MB  - Fast graphics with a short card

Inside the box are the card, driver CD, quick installation guide, a voucher for Loiloscope and a single 6-pin power adapter.

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