Gefen USB To DVI

External display adapter for USB port.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.06.2008
Manufacturer: Gefen
Product Group: Display adapter
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Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Unit itself isn't that large. It offers just two connectors; DVI and a mini-USB. It doesn't require a separate power cable and that is a great feature. Just hook it up between the monitor cable and the USB port on the computer and you are set from the hardware point of view.

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Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

What makes the unit tick is the chip from DisplayLink. It handles the communication between the USB port and the Chrontel's CH7301C-TF DVI Transmitter chip. CH7301 can push out material up to 165 million pixels per second and supports resolutions up to 1600x1200.


Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Idea is that the software on the Host PC works as a virtual display adapter. It compresses the information that is going to be sent to the DisplayLink's chip and transmits it via the USB2.0 port. The chip then decompresses these packages, process the data and feeds it to the Chrontel's DVI Chip and the image gets displayed on the monitor.

In Gefen's product the chip is located inside a separate unit that sits between the USB port and an ordinary monitor. As the diagram shows, the chip could be embedded inside a monitor or inside a video projector directly.

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