Gefen USB To DVI

External display adapter for USB port.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.06.2008
Manufacturer: Gefen
Product Group: Display adapter
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Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Looking good. Monitors on the left and center are connected to an ordinary display adapter and the monitor on the right gets its image from the Gefen's USB to DVI Adapter. One can't see any faults when it comes to picture quality. Image is as sharp and full of colors as with the other monitors.

Moving image

As the unit uses USB2.0 port, it will stress the CPU when processing the image and transferring the data. To test the amount of processing power required I downloaded a trailer from the movie Matrix. It was a HQ clip with quite a lot of movement in every part of the image.

First image shows the CPU Utilization with the Media Player running on the monitor connected to an ordinary display adapter. Second image is from the USB to DVI Adapter. The red arrow marks the area where the movie is running. Host computer is equipped with a 2.53 GHz Celeron CPU and 2 gigabytes of memory.

Regular Display Adapter

Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

Gefen USB to DVI

Gefen USB to DVI Adapter

It is clear from the graphs that the CPU is maxed out when pushing the video to the display connected to the computer via the USB to DVI Adapter. One has to remember that the video clip is a high resolution one and running with 1024 pixel wide resolution. Nevertheless, movies are something that we can't recommend for this product. Same goes for games, well perhaps not solitaire, but for any graphically more demanding ones.


The monitor on the left is connected to a display adapter and the monitor on the right is hooked up via USB to DVI unit. The browser window is split between the two. Idea here is to show the timing difference of these two methods.

Again, it is clear that the USB adapter slows down the action but for work with browsers, word processors, process displays etc. this is totally acceptable. Delay is there but as long as you don't require a live update from the display, the product works great.

I have to note that the amount of material being updated on the display affects the amount of delay and CPU Utilization. When you move a small dialog, there seem to be no lag but the delay increases with the size of the panel being handled. This is only natural as the amount of new data being sent from the computer increases too.


  • Powers from the USB port
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Image quality

  • CONS 
  • High CPU Utilization
  • Price

    Being able to hook up to six additional displays to the computer setup is great. TFT panels are getting very affordable and one can get used units cheap. As the Gefen's USB to DVI Adapter handles wide array of resolutions and supports both DVI and VGA connections, it is a perfect choice for most users.

    If you work for process industry, purchase computer setups to be used in offices, data centers, administration etc. this little unit can go a long way. If you want to watch movies, Tv or play games via them, I must advice you to look elsewhere. Also the price, around $129 at the time of this article, is bit high for a regular consumer.

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