VIZO GEMINI Wireless Mouse

Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 12.04.2006
Manufacturer: Vizo
Product Group: Input
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Are you sure you really are comfortable with your laptops touchpad? Do you wish mice were smaller or just happen to be left handed? Fairly new manufacturer Vizo tries to solve these problems in form of the Gemini wireless mouse. Small size and symmetrical design makes it look like the perfect match for a laptop.

First impressions


Gemini in it's package.

Stylishly coloured package offers nothing new, but it shows the size of the product very clearly. One can even try hes hand on it before opening the packing. And yes, the mouse is small and it will merge in many types of environments due to it's common black and silver colouring. As a doubtful detail, the manufacturers logo is typed in a very similar font than the word 'Vaio' in Sonys product range. This might be a coincidence but for me it makes a cheap impression.

The packing also clearly shows the main specifications of the product:

  • 800dpi High Precision Optical Sensor
  • Quick at Navigation
  • Radio Frequency
  • Power Saving Function
  • Plug & Play


What comes with the mouse.

Once opened, the package reveals the mouse itself, a pair of batteries, usb-extention cord and a manual. That usb-cable thingie is used to locate the transmitter of the Gemini optimally. This is important if you use the mouse with a normal pc. In a laptop use, usb connectors are normally near enough of the working area of the mouse. For a size comparison, refer to AAA-sized batteries in the picture above. The pic also shows the 'quality' of the print job in the manual.



Fumbling the mouse in hand quickly reveals the below average quality of the plastic parts. Logitech's and Microsoft's similar products feel more pro. Edges of the silvery plastic parts are sharp and could really use some sanding. Also some paint is missing from the cornes, and remember this is a brand new item. Contact on the main buttons varies compared to each other but I think the differences will decrease during the use. I must highlight that the silvery parts look better in the pictures than in real life. Happily the black areas of the Gemini are made in higher quality. Those parts have a bit rubber-like texture and feel and this really does increase the overall quality impression of the product. Also the scrollwheel is really nice becase it does not scroll too easily or by mistake and has really precise feel in it. Scrollwheel also acts as a third button and this should not be taken for granted on a mouse of this size.


Edges could use some sanding.

This picture should reveal the lack of trimming on the edges of the parts. In real life one can really feel this as a sharpness in hes hand so this is not a pointless flaw. First button of the mouse is also somewhat deeper in the chassis compared to the second button and I believe this might cause some of the differences between the feel of the buttons. Thanks to the symmetrical shape, Gemini fits nicely for both right and left-handed. Size of this mouse pleased my little sister a lot, so it really fits in a smaller hand.

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