Gigabyte vs. ASRock

Two motherboard with AMD 890GX chipset

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.07.2010
Product Group: Motherboards
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We haven't had too many motherboard reviews over the last years, but this time we decided to give a closer look at the AMD's new 8-series chipset architecture and the new features it has to offer. The current AMD chipsets are 890GX and 890FX, with the FX being the all-out enthusiast set and the 890GX having an integrated GPU.




AMD 890GX<br>Gigabyte vs. ASRock - Two motherboard with AMD 890GX chipset

So what's new in the 890GX + SB850? First of all AMD beat Intel to be the first to include native support for S-ATA 6 Gbps. Other than that the feature list of the 890GX includes new Radeon HD4290 graphics and a single PCI-e x16 or dual x8 slots.

It will be interesting to see how well the IGP performs as based on the specifications it's really a jump in speed over the old chipsets. Really the only thing missing from the new chipset is native USB 3-support, but on both motherboards in this review, as well as many other 890GX-boards, that's taken care of by a separate NEC controller.

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