Slim HTPC case
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 18.12.2007
Manufacturer: GMC
Product Group: Computer Case
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We've already tested quite a few HTPC-cases, but the one we have this time still manages to stand from the crowd. It's a new product in the GMC's Noblesse-series. The difference between this case and all the earlier ones we've reviewed is that this is as slim as possible. All the HTPC-cases so far have had room for full-size PCI-cards, but that's not the case this time. The slim design has also forced the manufacturer to do some other changes to the normal layout.




Out of the box it's also easy to see that this isn't your average computer case. The case is very slim, and the dimensions are closer to those of a DVD-player than an average computer case. The front panel is simplified to the extreme and the only visible things are a power button, eject for the DVD-drive and the loading hole for the slot-loading optical drive. Unfortunately GMC has also included an array of symbols to the right-bottom corner. These make the case look even more like a DVD-player, but I have no idea why they are there ruining the outlooks. Besides, things like DTS and Dolby Digital-compability depend on the hardware that's inside, not the case. On a sidenote the case feels surprisingly heavy.


Dimension ( W x D x H )

Chassis : 430 X 340 X 67mm


Silver / Black

Front panel ports

IEEE1394 x 1port, USB2.0 x 2port, Audio + MIC port

Slot type Slim ODD

DVD Combo

Form Factor

Micro ATX(Low Profile) & MoDT Support

Drive Bay

1 x 3.5" Internal

Expansion Slots

1 Slot(Riser Card - PCI or PCI Express)

Power Supply

270 W Micro ATX

VFD Module

16 x 2 Character VFD
Jog Button


Remote Control : IrDA Remocon, 16 x 2 VDF Display




Opening the hatch reveals the normal USB, Audio and firewire connections, but also a 2*16 character VFD display, a card reader that reads all the common card types. One can also see the a reset button and a jog dial and couple of buttons that are also found in the remote controller. There are descriptions for all the buttons and connectors on the hatch, which is a nice little feature. If only the hatch was easier to open and the jog dial didn't have so plastic touch, there would be nothing wrong with the front panel.

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