GMC R-2 Toast

Tower case with patented 5.25" drive mounting.
Author: Jouni Vasama
Published: 13.06.2007
Manufacturer: GMC
Product Group: Computer case
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The shape of the "standard" mid-tower has remained the same for years, but this time we're about to see something new.

Last case we had from GMC in review was the feature rich AVC-K1 HTPC-case. The one that we have this time is a lot different from it. Less features but it still has some interesting details worth taking a look.

The case



The first thing that caughts one's eye are the dimensions of this case. The height is somewhat normal, but depth is clearly smaller than in any normal ATX case. Second thing is that there appears to be no external 5.25" bay slots at all. On the left side panel there are holes for the CPU-cooler air intake and a second perforated area where the VGA-card is located.



The power button is located at the middle of the front panel, but the reset button and the USB and audio connectors are hidden under a little hatch on the top of the front panel. This is a good location for the connections if the case is located on the floor, but if it's on table the normal location somewhere in the front would be better.

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