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Thermalright and Sytrin go head-to-head.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 14.06.2006
Manufacturers: Sytrin
Product Group: Cooling
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Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus



Sytrin's KuFormula VF1 comes in green and black package with all the product features printed on it. VF1 is compatible with both ATI and nVidia VGA-cards. Full list of supported cards can be found from Sytrin's homepage. Difference between the Plus and the normal version is that the Plus includes a fan controller, fan and memory heatsinks. Two separate models is great news for people that own a bit older VGA-card or have a very good airflow in their case. Being able to purchase the cheaper model without the extras might be just the thing for them.

Package contains the following items:

  • VF1 heatsink module
  • Cross-flow fan
  • PCI Bracket
  • Fan frame holder
  • Eight ram heatsinks
  • Tiny bag of mounting essentials

    The Cooler

    First thing that catches one's eye is the size of the heatsink. It's about three times the size of Arctic Cooling's one and weights a bit over 240 grams. Cooler itself is pretty traditional looking with copper base, two heatpipes and aluminium fins. Every part looks well finished. Black metal parts look classy and heatpipes shine brightly. Thick copper base also gives a feeling of quality to the product. Tiny grooves can be seen and felt with finger nail, but they aren't too deep and will not effect the cooling power in any way.


    The Fan

    As I mentioned, the fan is a cross flow model. These are still quite rare so I'm looking forward to see the performance and noise of this one. Fan is rated to 12 V and 0.24 A. Unfortunately manufacturer doesn't give any information about the airflow. Motor and the fan blades are separated from the fan housing with rubber pins.


    PCI Bracket

    Like the fan, the PCI bracket also comes only with the Plus-version. It has the same glossy paint job as the fan and other metal parts. The paint job looks well finished and Sytrin really gets some extra points from good looks. The fan is also painted black except for the external motor. Motor's metal housing spins when the fan is on, so any wires nearby can jam it. Best solution for both jam and uniform looks would be a black metal cover. Hopefully Sytrin will do something to this in future versions. Other problem I found was that the power wires from the fan controller to the PSU molex were too short. Longer wires would make cable organizing easier. Three-pin connector with RPM-sensing would also be nice.

    Fan controller offers three operating modes that are 1550 / 2400 / 3150 RPMs with the relative noiselevels of 24 / 28 / 32 dBA.

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