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Laser Gaming mouse from Microsoft - Powered by Razer Precision.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.11.2006
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input
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In the past, graphics and 3D designers were the only people that might have a mouse that was designed for a specific task. Rest of us used these, oh so boring two button mice that didn't differ from eachother in any meaningful way. These days there are mice for everything; 3D mice, Office mice, mice for disabled people, gaming mice, Skype mice with lcd screen and voice communication built in etc. All these divide in numerious sub categories and offer different features. It is a real jungle out there and it is getting difficult to find the best mouse to suit one's needs. Perhaps this next product could make the decision a bit easier for gamers.


This happens when you put Microsoft and Razer together. Laser techology inside the mouse is from Razer that has a long track record when it comes to gaming mice. They have now introduced gaming keyboards and audio products to their product lineup. So the future is looking good to Razer but what about this latest product of Razer + Microsoft co-operation?





So, from the package we can find the mouse itself, Driver CD, couple of instructional documents and a strange black plastic piece that you can see on the center of the image. Quite ordinary setup but that extra item should get you interested.

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