Microsoft Habu

Laser Gaming mouse from Microsoft - Powered by Razer Precision.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.11.2006
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input
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"Backside" of the mouse looks like any other Microsoft mouse. This is why the two main buttons stand out as something new compared to previous products from Microsoft. They have a very distictive Razer look to them. They are a lot bigger than in other MS mice and in this case they are coated with rubber. Bit similar what we did in our Super Grip with Plasti Dip modding article.

In total we have seven user configurable buttons. It is nice that the manufacturer decided to keep the design simple and not to print anything to the buttons. This encourages people to customize the button functions as there are't any pre selected functions labeled to them.


Side by size with Logitech G7

To give you some idea on the size of the Habu I decided to compare it against the mouse that I've been using for last moths. There are a lot of similarities but G7 feels bit smaller in hand when used. This is because Habu is designed to be moved with palm and the G7 is finger operated.

Habu has one extra side button but it lacks side scrolling features from the scroll wheel. Scroll wheel is stepped so it makes the smooth scrolling of the web pages bit more difficult but on the other hand many people want those steps as it makes it easier for them to control the scrolling.

Other features



Habu uses teflon pads for easier movement on any surface. As I was about to throw away this quick start paper, I noticed that inside was a replacement set of teflon pads for the mouse. I believe this is a welcomed addition to the product, increasing the long term value of it.


Gold plated

Perhaps a bit Pimp my Mouse kind of thing but I like it. :) Bit of style can't hurt anyone.

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