Microsoft Habu

Laser Gaming mouse from Microsoft - Powered by Razer Precision.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.11.2006
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input
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The Software


Menu with all options visible

In our last input device review, where we took a look at Microsoft's Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 V2, Antti liked the fact that the software used were the regular Windows Mouse configuration panel. This time, as the product is profiled as gaming tool, the software is bit different.


Main menu

Main part of the application contains the things you see above. Button assignments are nothing new but the bottom part of the window contains something new. From here, one can adjust the polling rate of the mouse and affect the way the data gets sent to the PC. DPI's can be changed from here as well.

Update button opens Razer's site where one can find the latest drivers and firmware. Yes, the mouse can have firmware updates but be warned, the same thing applies here as with the BIOS updates on the PC. If there is a power failure during the update process, the mouse can be permanently damaged.

You noticed the "light options"? More about these at the last page.



Being aimed towards the gamers, Habu contains more sensitivity settings than your average office mouse. For example X and Y axis can be adjusted separately if needed. On the right one can see the menu that is associated with button assignments. In advanced mode, a button can be tied to single keyboard key or make it run a key macro. Media functions such as play, skip, rewinds etc. can also be assigned as button functions.



One interesting feature is the On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment. User can select a mouse button that actives this feature when pressed down continuously. While the button is being held down, user can adjust the sensitivity by scrolling the scroll wheel. If enabled, a nice on-screen bar will show the selection as it is been made.

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