Microsoft Habu

Laser Gaming mouse from Microsoft - Powered by Razer Precision.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.11.2006
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product Group: Input
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Lights on


With the lights on

Yes, everything has to be lighted these days. There is nothing wrong with that as you may remember at the previous page there were this Light Options selection in the software. Via those two choices - Scroll Button and Glow-Pipe - one can turn off either one of these lights or both of them. Great feature if you ask me. Perhaps next time we will see a tricolor version with the ability to select the color from the software?


  • Fast response times
  • 2000 DPI Laser engine
  • On-The-Fly sensitivity changes
  • Interchangeable Side Button Panels
  • Large main buttons
  • Extra glide pads
  • Good looks

  • CONS
  • -

  • Award
    "Editor's Choice Award"

    There are many people out there with special needs when it comes to computer mice. Some needs extra buttons to aid in 3D designing or perhaps one needs a left handed mouse to be used in the office. Gamers usually have similar needs and in general, I believe that Habu will fulfill majority of these needs with ease.

    The fact that Habu is a wired mouse, makes it great for gamers. Yes, the wire will limit the movement up to certain degree but the benefits for having the wire outweighs that con. For example a term like Always-On Mode cuts the latency practically to zero. Imagine what this would do to the operating times with a wireless mouse.

    Sometimes we get a product that just doesn't gather any real negative marks. As it happens, Habu is one of them. Sure there are things like weight, price, wired/wireless etc. to take into concederation but most of these issues are personal. Nobody on the other hand can argue that the fast response time or good looks could be bad things. That is why this product truly deserves an Editor's Choice for innovative solutions.

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