Zalman HD160 HTPC Case

High quality aluminum HTPC case by Zalman.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 14.08.2006
Manufacturer: Zalman
Product Group: Computer case
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PC has lately made its way to the livingrooms. Mainly they are used as DVD-players to provide high resolutions and multi channel sounds. As HD-ready TVs and projectors are becoming more and more popular, so is the need for a HDTV-sources, such as HTPCs. Being in the livingroom sets new challenges to the case design, computer needs to be as unnoticeable and as silent as possible, easiest way to stay out of sight is to stack them with other AV-equipment.



Dimensions435 mm X 420 mm X 160 mm (L*W*H)
Weight4.8 kg
Construction MaterialAll Aluminum
Motherboard CompabilityATX, microATX
PCI/AGP Card SupportFull Size
Drive bays 4 X 3,5" Internal
1 X 3,5" External
1 X 5,25" External
Cooling System2 X 80 mm Fans
Expansion Slots7 Slots
Front I/O Ports 2 X USB Ports
1 X Firewire (1394) Port
1 X Mic
1 X Headphone
17 in 1 Card Reader
Available ColorsBlack and Silver

This time a Zalman HD160 HTPC case arrived to our test. There are two colors available of this case, aluminum and black. The case was packed to a black box with specifications and photos printed on it. The box was pretty beaten up but fortunately the case wasn't damaged. The overall design of the case is very simplified, aluminium front with few buttons and a volume knob, a hatch and external 5,25" and 3,5" bays, but that's not all, it also has VFD-display and a remote. HTPC cases aren't actually the most used casetype in the lanparties so the full aluminum design is definitely more about the looks than the light weight.



Besides the case the box contains a set of screws, aluminum front panel for the DVD-drive, an adapter to get stanby-current for the VFD, a short manual, a driver CD and a remote controller. All plastic parts were shielded to prevent any scratches during the shipment.

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