HIS 6870 IceQX TurboX

Silent and the most powerful 6870 out there

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 31.03.2011
Manufacturer: HIS
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Power Consumption & Noise


HIS 6870 IceQX TurboX - Silent and the most powerful 6870 out there

Performance alone isn't everything, it's also important to be as energy efficient as possible. Not only does extra power consumption cost money in electricity bills, but puts out unwanted heat that may shorten the lifespan of some components and causes extra noise.

Again the HD6870 IceQ X Turbo X compares very nicely with its Nvidia competitor, at load the AMD card draws 40 watts less power. Considering the cards pack about the same performance this is a significant difference. Compared to the stock card the overclocked edition draws 10 watts more, and compared to the more powerful HD6950 some 20 watts less. These numbers are really good and in fact if you look at performance per watt, the HD6870 is a great choice.

The IceQ X cooler is also easily enough to cope with the heat output and during the testing the card remained very quiet. At idle the cooler is virtually silent and under load it makes a gentle swoosh.


  • Fastest HD6870 on the market
  • Quiet & Effective cooler
  • Performance per watt

  • CONS 
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  • Award
    Gold Award!

    Before the review we thought we'd already covered the Barts-cards, but HIS has come up with a very tasty edition of the HD6870. At stock speeds the card can't quite keep up with the GTX560, but with the high factory overclocks it becomes a real match for the Nvidia card.

    Not only is the IceQ X Turbo X the fastest HD6870 out there, the cooler is also a very nice addition. The reference design HD6870 isn't really the noisiest card on the market, but the IceQ X cooler is still a huge improvement both in temperatures as well as noise.

    The bundle of the card doesn't pack any surprises and there isn't really overclocking potential left, but other than that it's a great card and worth our Gold award.

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    Questions, Comments?. Visit the topic about this article on our forum.

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