HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 29.05.2012
Manufacturer: HIS
Product Group: Graphics cards
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HD 7870 GHz Edition


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

The Pitcairn XT comes packed in an identically sized box with the same specifications and features printed all over the box. The only difference in the bundle is that the HD 7870 comes with iTurbo-software.


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

While the HD 7870 is a bit longer than the 7850, it still isn't particularly large, and with the power connectors facing to the side, it doesn't require much more space inside the case. The cooler design looks similar with a black plastic shroud covering most of the card, but the design of the actual heat sink looks different.


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

In terms of connectivity it's again identical with the HD 7850-model. You get the two mini-display ports, a single HDMI-connector and finally a single DVI-I, which can also output analog signal.

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