HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 29.05.2012
Manufacturer: HIS
Product Group: Graphics cards
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HD 7870 GHz Edition


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

The TDP of the 7870 is 45 watts higher than its little brothers' and it packs two six-pin PCI-e-power connectors instead of just one. The connector face to the side and are partially hidden under the fan shroud, which makes unplugging the locked connectors rather tricky.


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

On the flip side there isn't much to see, just the blue PCB with plenty of small SMD-components. Three- and four-way crossfires are limited to the HD 79-models, so again there's just a single crossfire-connector for a maximum of two cards.


HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

The cooler is again held in place with just four spring-loaded screws, so it's very easy to swap for an aftermarket cooler if wanted. Unlike the HD 7850, the HD 7870 actually looks like the reference card. The stock cooler only covers the GPU, the eight memory chips are cooled only by the airflow of the fan.

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