HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 29.05.2012
Manufacturer: HIS
Product Group: Graphics cards
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HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

Comparing the HD 7850 and HD 7870 to the last-generation HD 6870 shows the HD 7850 is significantly shorter than the reference design HD 6870. Despite the power connector being now in the end of the card, rather than the side, it’s still going to fit into smaller cases, which is good news especially for modders. The HD 7870, on the other hand, shares and exactly as long PCB as the HD 6870, but is supposed to pack much more performance, which is also an obvious improvement.




HIS HD 7850 & HD 7870 GHz Edition -

AMD's mid-range cards have been good overclockers and the Pitcairns keep up the tradition. The GPU of the 7850 got from 860 MHz to a full gigahertz, and the memories from 1200 MHz to 1375 MHz (5500 MHz GDDR5). Also the HD 7870 turned out to have plenty of headroom for overclocking, with the GPU stretching up to 1150 MHz and memories to 1350 MHz. The memories of both cards actually worked at much higher frequencies, but going above these clock speeds didn't give any performance gains.

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