HIS HD68xx Graphics Cards

Good overclockers go head to head

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.03.2011
Manufacturer: HIS
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Power Consumption


HIS HD68xx Graphics Cards - Good overclockers go head to head

We already tested the power consumption of the HD68-series cards in the original Barts-review and the HIS-versions of the cards don't differ significantly from those numbers. Depending on the clock speeds the HD6850's consume around the same amount of power as the HD5850 and the HD6870 is about 30 watts hungrier than the HD6850. To see how well the IceQ X cooler works and fills the claims, we also tested the core temperatures under idle and load, and indeed under load the IceQ X HD6850 remained a massive 29°C colder than the reference HD6850 (61°C vs 80°C). It also did this while being a bit quieter than the reference cooler, so the temperature improvement was genuine rather than a result of more powerful fan.



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HD6850 IceQ X

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The HIS HD6870 Turbo is an overclocked version of the HD6870, but other than the slightly higher stock clock speeds, it's the reference design inside and out. Thus also the performance, power consumption and noise are exactly what se saw on the original review.

Unlike the HD6870, both the HD6850's come with a modified PCB layout and also special coolers, which differ them from cards by other brands. The enhanced coolers are a nice touch and really add to the value of these cards even as stock, but they really come to their own when the clock speeds are pushed up, as the core temperatures of these cards still remained good despite the clock speeds of over a 1000 MHz. So both HD6850's proved to be solid performers and can be recommended especially for overclockers.

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Questions, Comments?. Visit the topic about this article on our forum.

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