Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 31.08.2004
Manufacturer: HIS
Product group: Video

Connectors & VIVO



Back plate offer the usual setup of connectors. VGA, S-Video and DVI-I for digital TFTs. With dual DACs the card is able to provide any two connectors with independent graphics settings. That is one of the best things I like about cards based on ATis technology. Being able to use TV-out with any resolution without affecting the desktop in VGA is a great feature. With theatre mode, the video player is scaled to the full screen on TV side but the VGA still shows a playback window. Great for presentations and movie nights.


4-headed Input/Output Adapter

Standard S-Video has only 4 pins but if you look closely at the previous image, you'll notice that the S-Video connector in this card have additional pins. These pins are needed for VIVO capability (Video-IN / Video-Out). These four connectors offer the in and out paths for the streaming video or stills. One RCA and S-Video connector for each direction.


ATi Rage Theater

This chip is used in all of the All-in-Wonder series cards. It offers multi-standard video encoding and decoding functions. As you may have figured our already, you will still need something to capture the audio with. Video editing software is capable of merging the audio captured by the integrated audio on your motherboard or from an external soundcard. Also there is no tuner module on the card and the video can only be captured from video sources like VCRs, Camcoders, DVD players etc.

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