Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 31.08.2004
Manufacturer: HIS
Product group: Video


iCooler with blue LED light


  • Silent iCooler
  • Effective iCooler
  • Passive Ramsinks
  • Great Overclocker
  • Valuable software bundle

  • CONS
  • -

  • Award
    "Editor's Choice" Award

    Now that PCI Express is starting to gain ground, it is important that consumers have a wide array of manufacturers and products to choose from. HIS X600 XT VIVO Limited Edition with Platinum Software Pack is a great mid-range card that will satisfy the gamers, graphics artists, office workers etc. 2D, 3D and TV-out quality are in check, like we have used to notice with products based on technologies from ATi.

    Cooling solution, namely the iCooler offers good cooling power. That was clearly reflected to our overclocking results. Fan inside the iCooler is really silent and you can't pick up the sound it produces over the sound of regular air cooled setup. Blue glow coming from the cooler is relatively faint and it is aimed towards the base of the case when installed inside an ATX tower case. It should not blind anyone like some overly bright led fans these days.

    While there are not that many cards aimed to this segment of mid-range PCI Express GFX cards at this time, the HIS X600 XT with VIVO function seems to offer everything needed to claim the top spot. Good cooling, great performance and price around 200-250 euros. nVidia's 5900 hits around the same price and offers around the same performance and in the end, it may come down to personal preference whether you choose nVidia or ATi. HIS X600 XT proved its usability and reliability in our tests and because of this flawless performance it receives our Editor's Choice!

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