HR-07 Memory Module Cooler from Thermalright

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.03.2007
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Product Group: Cooling
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As the computers become faster and faster, the number of components that give out heat goes up as well. Today there are not only coolers on processors and graphics cards, but also on memories and on some power components on the motherboard. While overclocking, proper cooling of memory can make the difference between the computer being stable or not. Manufacturers of high performance memories have added cooling to their higher end memory modules for long time now, but there are also some after market solutions available.



It's not hard to tell the manufacturer by the looks of the boxes; they are brown cardboard boxes with no fancy pictures, which has become Thermalright's trademark. This time there's a tiny window and the technical details and some info on the package, so the customer can see the cooler before buying it.

The accurate model of the coolers is HR-07 (High Riser) and they're based on heat pipes and cooling fins. The cooling power of these heat sinks can be significantly increased by using an optional fan, but even though the bundle contains mounting holes for one, the fan itself doesn't come supplied.

External looks



The HR-07 coolers are sold separately and you'll have to buy two of these things for a dual-channel memory kit. This is obviously a product ment for enthusiast and as most enthusiast buy their rams in dual-channel kits, it would be logical to also sell the memory coolers in couples Seemingly Thermalright doesn't think so.

Inside the box there are:

  • An installation manual with black&white images
  • Mounting arms and screws for a fan
  • Two 0,3 mm thick thermal pads
  • One 1,5 mm thick thermal pad
  • A Thermalright sticker
  • A shiny cooler

The fan holders are designed so that they support 70, 80 and 90 mm fans.



From the side view it's easy to see that there's two individual heat sinks in the HR-07. When using with one sided memories I'd guess the side with the chips heats up more and it would make sense to have a connection between the sinks, but I don't know how well the heat moves through the PCB so the difference may be insignificant. The shiny nickel-plated copper heatpipes and fins remind me of the V1-Plus VGA-cooler we have reviewed before. A full collection of Thermalright products for CPU, GPU and memories would look nice on a case with a window.

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