HR-07 Memory Module Cooler from Thermalright

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.03.2007
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Product Group: Cooling
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The installation of the coolers is described very nicely on the short installation manual. The installation is made tool less and the only thing that can really go wrong is that one uses the wrong thermal pad. There's two thicknesses, 0,3 mm and 1,5mm. 0,3 mm is to be used on top of the chips, and 1,5 mm pad is only used with one sided memory sticks to add the needed thickness.

The coolers can be installed in two ways. They aren't perfectly symmetrical - the heatpipe on the other end and the fins aren't actually lined either. There's no right and wrong way as long as you install them the same way so they fit side by side. Before installing it's also good to check if there's something on the motherboard that can block the heatpipes.



The coolers were installed on 2 GB Crucial DDR2 PC4200 kit. These can't actually be called the cutting edge in terms of speed, but the difference in temperatures should be similar with hotter-running, faster chips as well. The real problem with this set is that there's originally no heatspreaders at all. It would have been very interesting to see if the original heat sinks really lower the temperature of the memories or are they used only for the outlooks. Some reviews around the internet have showed that the temperatures actually lower by removing the original heatspreaders.



After the installation the things went terribly wrong. To work in dual channel, the sticks should both be in Yellow or Black slots, but as seen in the images there's no way they could fit to the right slots equipped with the coolers! From the top view it's clearly visible that the fins of the cooler entirely block the closest slot, and it's pretty tight fit even when the sticks are installed as far from each other as possible.

This shows that the HR-07s are designed to the other memory slot-layout where the sticks must be in different colored slots. As the dual channel definitely is a feature you don't want to miss, this is a big setback. The coolers also limit the size of the CPU cooler because of their height and location right next to the slot on this specific motherboard.

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