HR-07 Memory Module Cooler from Thermalright

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.03.2007
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Product Group: Cooling
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As we were testing the effect on the temperatures instead of what kind of difference the coolers make in overclocking results, this didn't ruin our experiment. The tests were ran in Antec P180B case with all the casefans set to low using Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard where the memory slots are on the top. If they would be located just a bit further back, they would have been directly on the airflow of the top exhaust fan, but even now there was pretty good airflow around the memories.

To heat up the normally cool running chips they were overclocked to 580 MHz (stock 533 MHz), which, without the coolers, resulted the surface temperature of a memory chip to be 36 C. The memories were stressed with multiple instances of MemTest.

It was very tricky to get the temperature sensor placed so it has a direct contact to a chip when the coolers were installed, but finally we managed to get the sensor in place and were able to run the tests. The temperature lowered a few degrees ending up being a stable 32 C. This difference doesn't sound much, but as we compare these to the ambient temperatue, the difference is moresignificant. The surrounding air temperature around the memories was about 28 C during the stress test, so with the coolers the me mories got only 4 C over the ambient. Without the coolers the same difference was 8 degrees. Other thing that we noticed during the temperature tests was that the heat pipes worked well and the temperature around the coolers was very much the same.


  • Good looks
  • They actually cool down the memories modules

  • CONS
  • On some motherboards, dual channel memory support maybe lost
  • Might interfere with an installation of a larger CPU cooler

  • Award
    "Silver Award for good performance!"

    Thermalright has really managed to make the installation of the HR-07 an easy process. The coolers performed well and will definitely make a difference when overclocking, but on the other hand the downsides are serious especially with some motherboards. The biggest of all being that the coolers can't be installed at all on some cases if ones wants to use dual channel memories. Almost as major issue is that as the memory slots usually are right next to the CPU-slot, and the high heatsinks cause serious compatibility problems with just about any large cooler.

    If you have water cooling or some other small enought cooler on your CPU, are sure you aren't gonna need all four memory slots and have a motherboard where for dual channel the sticks don't come to slots next to each other then why not. And after all they sure look awesome!

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