Corsair HX620W

Power supply with semi-modular wiring. CMPSU-620HX
Author: Olli Vanhoja
Published: 06.02.2007
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product Group: Power Supplies
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"From manufacturer of the 'World's Most Awarded Memory' comes the Corsair HX Series Power Supply. With that same legendary focus on performance and reliability, Corsair has engineered the HX Series to support even the most demanding of systems. The Corsair HX Series incorporates the most advanced technology to deliver reliable, continuous, and efficient power to all critical system components. The HX Series is the ideal power supply for high performance and gaming PCs, Audio/Video workstations, and file servers."

Corsair CMPSU-620HX Reviewer's Guide

Package contents




Bundled with the PSU are two 800 mm long cables with three .molex. peripheral connectors and two 450 mm cables with two peripheral connectors. Two 550 mm PCI-Express connector cables, two SATA-connector cables with three and one SATA-connector cable with two heads. One Y-adapter that splits one normal peripheral connector into two floppy disk connectors. And one Y-adapter with a 4-pin female connector at one end and two 4-pin female fan only connectors at the other end.

The HX620W offers native support for dual graphics card systems due to the two PCI-Express connector cables. The pouch is meant to be used to store the un needed cables, but it's still rather useless.Bundling the zip ties with the power supply is a very good idea, though they could have been a bit longer.

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