i7-3770K Ivy Bridge

Energy efficient power house

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 29.05.2012
Manufacturer: Intel
Product Group: CPUs
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Integrated graphics performance

To test the IGP of the new chip, we put it against the AMD A8-3850 APU we’ve reviewed earlier. Back in the original review the integrated HD 6550D of the A8-3850 proved to be by far the highest performing integrated graphics solution ever, so the 3770K sure has a work cut out for it.




i7-3770K Ivy Bridge - Energy efficient power house

Running the Vantage again using the integrated GPU gives the first graph where the i7-3770K doesn't sit at the top. The real comparison here is between the AMD HD 6550 and Intel HD 4000, and this time it's the AMD's integrated GPU that takes the lead by 11%.


X3: Terran Conflict


i7-3770K Ivy Bridge - Energy efficient power house

In X3:Terran Conflict things get even worse for the HD 4000, as it this time loses by 72% to the Llano's IGP. Really results like this were to be expected, and on the bright side it must be said that the HD 4000 is still a league ahead the AMD HD 4290, which was the integrated GPU of the 890GX-chipset.


Far Cry 2


i7-3770K Ivy Bridge - Energy efficient power house

And the final game test on the IGP - Far Cry 2. During the test the game was running at 1920x1080-resolution with plenty of eye candy, so by lowering the settings and resolution the HD 4000 can indeed be used for some less demanding gaming.

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