Enchance the looks of the Wii game console with a touch of chrome.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.04.2007
Manufacturer: XCM
Product Group: Game console related
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  • Price (~$39)
  • Alters the looks
  • Tools included

  • CONS
  • Some quality issues
  • No instructions included

  • Digg the story?!

    So there you have it - one shiny finger print magnet. I'm no joking about the finger prints as it does gather them very easily. This is something that one has to live with if you decide to get this kind of replacement case. XCM also offers this same cover in black but if black Nintendo DS is any similar, it too will get its share of greasy markings when handled.

    Is it worth the money? For most people I would say yes. It does enchance the appearance of the case and if mirror surface is what you want, I-CASE delivers just that. I'm bit worried about the uneven surface that the distortion test indicated but again, for most people it will not matter that much. This problem is visible only if the case is surrounded by straight edges, lines etc. and even then they are not that obvious. All in all, what a great way to void the warranty!

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